Swatch unveils new touchscreen fitness smartwatch


Swiss watchmakers Swatch have unveiled an updated version of the Swatch Touch smartwatch.

The Swatch Touch Zero One is a fitness watch that is aimed specifically at beach volleyball players. However, due to the fact that it includes many of the features typically found on other fitness smart watches/wearables, it will probably cater for the needs of most fitness enthusiasts.

Just like pretty much every other fitness smartwatch, the Swatch Touch Zero One can monitor your heart rate and how many steps you’ve taken and can also track how many calories you’ve burned.

The Swatch Touch Zero One also uses built in sensors to track volleyball related data such as how hard the wearer hits the ball and what type of shots they have played during a match.

Swatch Touch Zero One smartwatch

All of the data collected is then relayed to an iOS or Android device, via Bluetooth, to the app which accompanies the device, in order to help track the wearer’s progress.

The Swatch Touch Zero One offers a pretty interesting way of keeping the wearer updated on the number of calories they’ve burned. This is done via the ice cream cone icon, which gets larger as more calories are burned, which perhaps reminds the wearer that they are entitled to an extra scoop of ice cream for all the hard work they’ve put in on the volleyball court!

As the Swatch Touch Zero One is more of a fitness tracker rather than a smartwatch along the lines of something like the Moto 360, the device is powered by a replaceable battery, which Swatch says will last for “months and months”, rather than needing to be charged every day, as is the case with many other smart watches on the market currently.

The Swatch Touch Zero One will be available globally from later this year from approximately $160.

Source: Swatch


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