SwiftKey Keyboard Autocorrects Your Sentences


We’ve seen some ridiculous word suggestions from autocorrect, but what about autocorrecting an entire sentence? SwiftKey’s new keyboard may make it easier to type out your thoughts by suggesting and autocorrecting whole sentences – not just words.

SwiftKey launched its experimental Clarity Keyboard Beta on Monday. This Android keyboard is designed to keep users focused on their thoughts by offering numerous autocorrect options to get their message out quicker and more efficiently.

Right now, beta users can test out SwiftKey’s multiword autocorrect tool that checks a few words at a time. The keyboard is rather intuitive and uses an entire sentence as context to get a better understanding of what you’re trying to say. SwiftKey’s app can learn nicknames, slang, and phrases that can be used for future reference.

Android users can test out the new keyboard by scrolling down and clicking “Test Now” on the company’s website.

The company has released the app as an experiment and hopes to gather feedback from users to improve the keyboard. There’s no guarantee that the app will be released in the future, and the company isn’t quite sure what the future holds for the Clarity Keyboard. But SwiftKey has stated that they want feedback from users to help develop the project into something people will actually use.


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