Swiping away iPhone apps does not improve battery performance


Swiping away iPhone apps does nothing to improve the battery life of your smartphone and you should stop doing it.

Millions of iPhone users wrongly believe that swiping away apps just after they have been used will help to stop their battery from draining and improve smartphone performance.

However, experts are now saying that swiping away apps doesn’t do anything at it certainly doesn’t help to improve battery life – in fact it could do the total opposite.

According to Appleinsider, because of the way iOS is designed, there is no need to swipe away apps at all.

When you close an app on an iPhone or iPad, iOS puts it into a kind of suspended state and isn’t actually working away in the background.

App Switcher

The App Switcher in iOS 9

The App Switcher, where users can see the apps they just used, is just meant to be a quick way of accessing apps that have recently been used.

Each of the images of the apps that appear in the App Switcher are just that – images – and are shown in order to enable users to easily pick up where they left off. Because they are in a suspended state, they do not drain battery life or impact on performance.

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In fact, if you were to shut down the app, then this actually uses more battery power because the apps then have to start all over again from the beginning, as it were.

And of course, some apps that do run in the background, such as Google Maps or Spotify, will drain the battery, but by and large there is no need to swipe away apps as it does nothing for battery performance.


Earlier this year, Apple even told users that this was the case. In an email to a customer from Craig Federighi, Apple’s head of software, he said there was no need to force close apps.

Apple has also said previously that the only time users need to force close an app is if it becomes unresponsive.


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  1. I’ve heard Apple engineers say the same thing — emphatically — but I just don’t believe it. I know for sure that leaving navigation apps open like Google Maps or Apple Maps drains battery. Seems like GPS is more busy keeping track of where you are. Also, there is another article on this same forum about Facebook app draining your battery 10% faster. Well, if I completely close the app, it won’t do that. It’s not active. But if it’s running in the background, I continue to get alerts so despite their claims that the app is “suspended” it clearly is doing something. No way to get alerts if the app is not running in the background & checking in with the FB server.