Taliban app removed from Google Play store


Google has removed a mobile app created by the Taliban from its Play store.

The app which was called Alemarah and designed solely for Android was written in the Pashto language and is believed to have included official videos and statements from the Islamic fundamentalist movement.

The Taliban claimed that the disappearance of the app was due to “technical issues” as it occurred shortly after the apps release on 1 April.

A spokesman for the Taliban told Bloomberg that the app was “part of our advanced technological efforts to make a more global audience” which closely translates to promoting propaganda and hate.

Google has declined to make any comment on specific apps but Thai Visa believes that the app was removed as it violated a Google app policy which prohibits any form of hate speech against groups or individuals.

The app is reported to have been discovered by a US-based organisation known as Site Intel Group which monitors jihadist activity.

A general statement was later released that appeared to be a thinly disguised reference to the app read “Our policies are designed to provide a great experience for users and developers. That’s why we remove apps from Google Play that violate those policies”.

Commentators have claimed that by releasing the app the Taliban may be trying to follow the likes of the so called Islamic State which has used social media sites and the Web to help recruit members from overseas.


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