Tech Armor HD Ballistic Glass screen protector review


If you have shelled out several thousand baht on a smartphone then it is likely you will want to do all you can to keep it scratch free and prevent any damage from everyday use and general wear and tear.

To protect the chassis of the device you can opt for some kind of case or sleeve. You only have to walk into any shopping mall in Thailand to see a myriad of different options available for you to buy.

But what about if you want added protection for the display of your smartphone?

Despite smartphone manufacturers continuing to make improvements on the durability of modern screens and even with the introduction of Gorilla Glass, the display still remains the most vulnerable part of any smartphone.

Fortunately, there are a now a range of options that will keep your display free from any imperfections and damage, whilst ensuring your screen has the same feel and responsiveness we demand when using our smartphones.

Throughout June, the team at ThaiTech have been testing out the Tech Armor HD ballistic glass screen protector for the iPhone 6 and Google Nexus 5.

Tech Armor HD ballistic glass screen protector Google Nexus 5

Tech Armor HD ballistic glass screen protector for Google Nexus 5

Rather than being a flimsy piece of plastic, Tech Armor’s screen protector is actually a thin layer of reinforced glass which sits on top of your smartphone screen. The screen protector is thin enough that you don’t notice it once it’s in place, and more importantly it doesn’t impact on the responsiveness, clarity or accuracy when using your smartphone.

It’s also very easy to set in place on your display, much easier than if you have ever had to fit one of those thin plastic films to the display of a smartphone.

Along with the ballistic glass screen protector, Tech Armor supplies a full set of installation instructions, although as said, installation is pretty straightforward. Also included is a Micro-Fiber cloth, cleaning wipe and dust removal tape and it is recommended that you thoroughly clean your display prior to installing the screen protector.

With regards to its effectiveness, Tech Armor says the Ballistic Screen Protector offers maximum protection for your device and that it protects your screen from high impact and is resistant to heat, shock and chemicals which could seriously damage your device. The company also says that the screen protector has a safety coating that prevents shattering and is resistant to scratches.

Now, whilst testing out the screen protector over the past month or so, admittedly we didn’t start throwing either the Nexus 5 or iPhone 6 off any tall buildings and in all honesty, any smartphone that is subject to high impact is likely to be damaged in some way, regardless of any casing or screen protector, ballistic glass or otherwise.

What we can say is that with regards to providing a scratch resistant cover to your display that still offers excellent clarity, the Tech Armor screen protector is perhaps about as good as it gets. No longer will your display be scratched when alongside your house keys in your trouser pocket. The screen protector gives good protection from greasy fingerprints.

The iPhone 6 and Nexus 5 screen protectors are available on the Tech Armor website and come with a lifetime warranty.



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