Tech by Thaivisa Exciting Business Opportunity


Ask just about any business or expat in Thailand if they have heard of and know the answer will always be yes.

It has a massive presence and reach with Thailand. Thaivisa also has a number of free standing sub sites such as and, which have become powerful products in their own right.

Six months ago Faz Waz took over the full time management of the property site and their expertise has taken the product forward leaps and bounds. As such we are now looking to duplicate this success with the tech site.

The site attracts between 350,000 and 500,000 page views a month, with monthly unique visitors at over 140,000 a month. It has a supporting Facebook page (4k fans) and eNewsletter (3.5k subscribers).

What is the opportunity?

A third party management company would be expected to generate tech related content for this site and then fully monetise the commercial opportunity through banners and advertorials.

Thaivisa would charge 30k baht per month for the right to manage this opportunity and any revenues earned through the site would be entirely for the third party.

Demographic wise 41% traffic from Thailand with top 3 age users: 24-34 years 24%, 65+ 18.4% and 34-44 years 17.66%.

Who could this appeal too?

An existing media looking to build its reach and ability to sell more advertising. Maybe you are a real estate business and you wish to use the banner space for your property listings – where else can you get over 350k page views a month?

For any inquiries please email before 31st May 2018.


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