Technical glitch leaves 3BB customers unable to access Google services on Saturday


3BB customers in Thailand were having problems accessing many websites on Saturday.

Believed to be the result of a large scale technical issue, users nationwide were affected.

Users took to the Thaivisa forum on Saturday morning to report problems when trying to access Google services such as Gmail, Google News and YouTube.

The issued seemed to affect anyone trying to access the sites from a Thai IP address.

3BB customers using a VPN were still able to access the sites without problems.

Customers reported problems from locations including Pattaya, Udon Thani, Phuket, Hua Hin and Chiang Mai.

“Glad I saw your thread. I am in Chiang Mai using 3BB. Been having problems with Google services all morning, very hit and miss. Seems there is a gum up in the works somewhere”, wrote one Thaivisa member.

“Phuket down on 3bb. Vpn works fine,” wrote another.

At the time of writing the 3BB website was also offline.

3BB have been approached for comment.

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