How to tell when your iPhone battery needs replacing


You may have heard the news that Apple has slashed prices of replacement batteries on many of its iPhone models.

The reduction in price came response to a backlash from customers after the tech firm admitted slowing down older batteries in order to minimise crashes.

Throughout 2018, customers in Thailand who have an iPhone 6 or newer iPhone model can get a replacement battery for just 1,000 baht down from the usual 2,900 baht.

However, when can you tell your iPhone battery needs replacing?

Sometimes it’s glaringly obvious, like if you iPhone runs out of juice before midday or perhaps doesn’t charge to 100%.

But other times, your phone might simply start to slow down, that could result in replacing you replacing your iPhone completely, which will cost a significant amount of money, when the reality is a replacement battery could breath new life into your iPhone.

According to tech site ZDNet, there is a really simple way to figure out if your iPhone battery needs replacing.

The first thing, ZDNet says, is to download an app called CPU DasherX, which costs 35 baht.

The app works by producing a ‘CPU frequency’ report that tells you how well your iPhone is performing.

There are a number of other third party apps which do similar things and can give reports on how your iPhone is performing.

Once you have the report you can check the stats against the speed in which your iPhone should be running at – which can be found by doing a Google Search for something like “iphone 6 cpu frequency”.

If the stats matchup, you are ok, if not it could be time for a new battery.


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