Tesla’s Elon Musk teases mystery new product launch


SpaceX entrepreneur and all-round genius Elon Musk has announced that his company, Tesla, has some exciting news  to share about a new product launch. But what is it? A new electric car?

Tesla to unveil new product next month

The famous CEO of Tesla teased a new announcement on Monday morning, but of course didn’t share any significant details. It’s apparently not a car, though it does come under the Tesla product line.

If you’ve been closely following Musk’s activities over the past year or so, there seems to be only one natural conclusion – a home battery. In February, he hinted that he was exploring ways to produce a home power source, and it now looks like he will reveal how it’s going to pan out.

Elon Musk Tesla Announcement

Musk previously said that he was excited about the potential for the market, saying that the battery packs would basically be plug and play, with a design that would attach to the wall. Tesla is already building out its so-called Gigafactory in the Nevada desert, which is where the batteries may be manufacured. The details have not yet been revealed, but it seems that consumers would be able to power their homes and just recharge it as needed.

Whatever the mystery announcement turns out to be, we’ll know more at the end of next month.


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