Tesla plans special event to unveil new mystery product


Invites have been sent out this week for a special Tesla event in California at the company’s headquarters. There are only a few tidbits of information to go on, but the invitation teases with “the missing piece” and an outline of a white box.

Tesla to unveil hi-tech home battery?

The US-based electric car company is widely expected to unveil some new kind of hi-tech battery cabinet for homes that would enable solar energy to be stored more effectively, reducing reliance on the grid. Recent reports on the Internet suggests that it will be rented and not bought, for a $1,500 fee followed by small monthly payments, which makes it slightly easier to swallow than a five figure upfront fee.

Tesla, which is managed by Elon Musk, is also busy building its so-called Gigafactory in the Nevada desert – a facility that will be able to produce lots more lithium ion batteries than the company can make today, and also at a far lower cost per unit. But aside from cars, Tesla seems like it wants to provide batteries to other industries, and also home solar. Musk is also the chairman of home solar power provider SolarCity, which is the company expected to offer the batteries.

Musk also teased the new product on his Twitter account last month, but all will be revealed on Thursday 30th April.

Elon Musk Tesla Announcement

We’ll have to wait and see, but it’s certainly a new concept that could catch on and help people to reduce reliance on the power grid, as well as survive a bit more comfortably when there’s a blackout, as the batteries are expected to be able to power a typical home for several days.


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