Tesla’s website hacked on Saturday afternoon


American electric-car company Tesla was hacked on Saturday afternoon. Its Twitter account was also hacked, though both sites have now been restored to normal.

Tesla hacked by “RIPPRGANG”

A group called RIPPRGANG claimed responsibility for the Twitter hack, but the company’s main website was apparently hacked by a group calling itself “Autismsquad”. It’s not yet clear if the groups are different or one and the same, considering the identical timing of both the website and Twitter takeovers, which occurred almost simultaneously.

It’s becoming commonplace to see Twitter accounts get hacked, especially when they’re owned by celebrities or big brands. Though for the most part, these kinds of acts are more about defacing property and gaining notoriety than stealing any kind of important information like last year’s Sony hack.

Tesla’s website is now back to normal, but it’s surely just a matter of time before the next high-profile Twitter attack. Who’s next?



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