Thai Airways move swiftly to ban Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on all its flights


Thai Airways has reacted decisively to the news of a total worldwide recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone.

They are warning passengers not to either turn on or charge the devices on their flights. And have said that they are completely banned from being placed in checked in luggage.

A worldwide recall was issued after reports that several dozen of the new devices had suffered exploding batteries.

The airline said that the move was for the good of all passengers.

They further announced that cabin crew should be informed immediately if any electronic device was overheating abnormally or had inadvertently fell down the cracks between seats.

Note 7 explodes

The moves comes after a number of other airlines around the world also banned the Note 7 from being used on flights.

On Saturday, Samsung Electronics told all customers globally to stop using their Note 7 smartphones after several dozen had caught fire.

Earlier this week, Samsung said it would be recalling all 2.5 million handsets worldwide.

Samsung has reported a total of 35 cases where the Note 7 has caught fire, most of them occurring when the device is being charged.

Meanwhile, Samsung Thailand has confirmed that anyone who pre-ordered the device can exchange their current model for a new Note 7. Customers need to visit Samsung stores for more details.


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