Thai company creates world’s first full-colour 3D printer


XYZprinting’s Thai unit pins hopes on 3D printer

XYZprinting (Thailand), a 3D printer manufacturer, has developed what it claims is the world’s first full-colour 3D printer, da Vinci Colour, which uses 3DColourJet technology, combining inkjet printing with the fused filament fabrication (FFF) 3D printing process.

The product was announced at the IFA 2017 event in Germany.

XYZprinting took just three years to upgrade a 3D filament printer from mono to colour, while other companies can spend 15 years doing the same thing. People in Thailand will be able to experience this new technology on November 9.

The da Vinci Colour is available for pre-orders with a 15,000 THB discount. “Just as we did with the da Vinci 1.0 in 2014, the da Vinci Colour is poised to change the 3D printing industry again and allow you to enhance your creativity into colour 3D,” said Simon Shen, chairman of XYZprinting. “With its 3DColorJet technology, the da Vinci Colour is a breakthrough in 3D printing technology as it provides full-colour spectrum accuracy at an affordable, small business-friendly price that is unmatched by any other colour 3D printer in the market.”

The industry’s ultimate full-colour 3D printer, XYZprinting’s 3DColourJet solution enables the da Vinci Colour to mix and fire CMYK colour droplets on to PLA filament for accuracy and precision. The printer’s technology achieves the full spectrum of 16 million colours across printed layers in finished 3D products.

The proprietary technology combines colour detail, which has been perfected in inkjet printing with advanced, professional 3D printing technology.

As the winner of the CES 2017 Innovation Award, the da Vinci Colour has been designed to work seamlessly with features that include XYZprinting’s hands-free auto calibration, EZ removable print bed and a 5-inch colour LCD screen and XYZprinting’s CMYK ink cartridges integrated to guarantee compatibility and colour quality with each print. While the print bed permits a generous 7.9in x 7.9in x 5.9in build volume, the design remains a desk-friendly solution. With safety in mind, the printer also includes an effective non-toxic filtration system.

The company says this is a major step forward for both professionals and makers: special animation and movie features can produce prototypes in true colour ready to for use immediately after printing; create accurate detailed props and sets; architects and designers to assist clients envisage the final product by printing out scaled-down models, miniature landscaping, people, prototypes and more. For small business owners it is a cost-effective solution to set their business apart or even start their own full colour 3D printing business.

Further, benefits include increased speed of production through full colour prints, which are immediately ready. With PLA filament, there will be no wasted time or money on post-printing treatments. Moreover you can incorporate full colour 3D printing into classrooms, spurring everyone from young creators to higher education curriculums.


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