Thai government bans Samsung Galaxy Note 7 over safety fears


The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) has banned imports of the Galaxy Note 7 in to Thailand.

Thakorn Thanthasit of the NBTC said that they had contacted Samsung to forbid sale of the device in Thailand in order ensure the safety of users.

On Saturday, Samsung confirmed that those people in Thailand who have pre-ordered the Note 7 will receive newly produced until and not ones from production lots thought to be affected by the recall.

Meanwhile, airlines in Thailand have been told to announce to passengers that they may not switch on or charge Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones on any flights.

If they do passengers will face fines of 20,000 baht.

Note 7 explodes

The directive comes from Thai aviation authorities following the worldwide recall of the Note 7 after many incidents of exploding batteries causing fires.

Following on from action throughout the world director Chula Sukmanop said that the device may not be loaded in the hold and if brought onto a plane cannot be switched on or charged.

Air Crew must make an announcement about its use each time a flight prepares to take off. Offenders will be prosecuted, he said.

Korean manufacturer Samsung announced the recall on Friday and several Thai airlines have already announced bans including Thai Airways.

The problem stems from the battery used to charge the device.


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