Thai people spend 1.7 hours per day watching YouTube videos


Thai people spend an average of 1.7 hours per day watching videos on YouTube, according to new data released by Google Thailand.

This ranks Thailand in the top eight countries globally for the amount of time spent watching YouTube videos.

Cheaper devices, low cost mobile data plans and Thailand’s ever expanding 4G network are the major factors in the increase in time Thais spend on YouTube.

“Thais have watched 1.7 hours of video daily on YouTube this year, up from 1.1 hours last year,” Pete Nunchanatanon, the head of marketing at Google Thailand, told the Bangkok Post.

He added that 65 percent of YouTube videos are watched from a mobile device and credited Thailand’s younger generation with the increase in the amount of time spent watching videos online.

Pete added that the amount of content creators in Thailand is also increasing with the country now boasting 8 creators who each have more than one million subscribers.

In May, YouTube opened a “Pop-up” space in Bangkok as part of an initiative to expand the creative use of YouTubers in Thailand.

The pop up space measured 18,500 square feet and gave more than 200 participants access to 360 degree and 4K camera technology, as well as teaching them about a variety of production techniques.

Pete also confirmed that YouTube is working with Thailand’s leading mobile provider in order to make videos available offline.


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