Thai people spend NINE hours per day online, new study finds


New data has revealed the staggering amount of time people in Thailand spend online.

A report titled Digital 2018 global overview, by digital marketing agency We Are Social has revealed that Thai people spend a whopping 9 hours and 34 minutes per day online. – which is more than any other country.

Trailing Thailand in second place was the Philippines (9hrs 29m), Brazil (9hrs 14m) and Indonesia (8hrs 51m).

Thailand also ranked in first place for the amount of time spent using mobile internet – 4hrs 56m per day.

The report, which was published in January, gives a fascinating insight into all things digital in Thailand, including social media usage and penetration, both of which Thailand ranks highly.

The report found that Thai people spend an average of 3 hours and 10 minutes on social media each day, ranking them in fourth place overall, behind the Philippines (3hrs 57m), Brazil (3hrs 39m) and Indonesia (3hrs 23m), respectively.

Other notable takeaways from the report include:

  • Bangkok has more Facebook users than any other city in the world with 22 million active accounts.
  • Thailand has 51 million active Facebook users, which accounts for 2 percent of Facebook’s total users.
  • Facebook is the most popular social network.
  • Average fixed internet speed is 38.85mbps
  • Average mobile internet speed is 13.61mbps



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