Thai Railway iPhone app: train times at your fingertips


We just discovered a handy little app called Thai Railway (รถไฟไทย in Thai), which is available on the iOS App Store and promises to make train times in Thailand just a little bit easier to track.


The app (view here) was created by independent developer Chairat Soonthoornwiphat, and is currently free on the App Store for iPhone and iPad users.

Thai Railway: never miss a train!

Thai Railway iPhone Screenshot

Never miss a train in Thailand with Thai Railway.

The app basically presents a list of all trains on specific routes, along with all the usual expected information such as the train numbers, and departure and arrival times.

There is also a search facility that lets you just tap in two destinations and see all the most recent trains.

Thai Railway iPhone MenuIt has to be said that the app is quite simple, as it basically just shows lists of the day’s journeys, and there are some additional features missing that we’d like to see added in a future update.

For example, how about these capabilities:

  1. Show all trains near your current location
  2. The ability to book a train online
  3. The ability to search on more dates (not just today)
  4. Built-in maps that show live train locations

Obviously, some of these are perhaps not possible due to the limitations with the Thai railway system and availability of relevant data, but perhaps Thai Railways themselves could develop an app that gives users lots more features?

Thai train system needs improvement

Hua Hin Train Station

Hua Hin train station, one of the most well known in Thailand.

As anyone that lives in Thailand knows, trains in the country are notoriously late, slow, and usually don’t have air conditioning, making many journeys rather uncomfortable.

There is supposed to be a new high speed train services in development. According to the Bangkok Post there were supposed to be four high-speed routes that will run from Bangkok to Phitsanulok (342 kilometres), Nakhon Ratchasima (256 km), Pattaya (187 km) and Hua Hin (225 km).

In phase two of the high-speed rail network, routes will extend to Chiang Mai in the North, Nong Khai in the Northeast, Rayong and probably Chanthaburi and Trat in the East and Padang Besar in Songkhla in the South.

It remains to be seen what the latest developments in this ambitious plan are, as they seem to change frequently, but at least in the meantime you can use the Thai Railway iPhone app to check how late your train is…

Let us know in the comments below what you think of Thai railways, the trains, and their punctuality.


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