Thai soldiers warned, students delighted, while businesses queue up to cash in on billion baht Pokémania


Pokemania continues to sweep Thailand with many stories about the augmented reality game cutting right across all news media.

In latest developments:

Soldiers in Khon Kaen have been warned they face jail time if caught playing Pokemon Go rather than marching.

Students in Sisaket can’t believe it when a teacher is seen scurrying all over the school catching Pokémon.

Businesses of all description are getting in on Pokémon to boost sales and revenue from thousands out and about playing the game.

In Khon Kaen a sign went up on an A4 piece of paper saying that any soldiers caught catching Pokémon would get three days jail per character.


Soldiers in Thailand have been warned about playing Pokemon Go

Military authorities said they did not mind soldiers playing when they were off duty but they should stick to appropriate times and places at Camp 14 when to go hunting.

A school in Sisaket seemed to buck the trend that has seen education authorities try to clamp down on the game.

A female teacher at an unnamed city school was seen scampering around the library, classrooms and even the toilets in search of Pokémon.

Students at the school thought it was hilarious to see an adult – and a teacher too – joining in the fun.

Meanwhile True Corporation – the license holder in Thailand – said that some 100 businesses of all description had been in contact with them in an effort to be associated with the game to boost revenues and profitability for their businesses.

A hotel in Chiang Mai set on 300 rai of land has advertised on its website that there are many Pokémon to be found in its grounds.

They have offered discounts on bicycle rental, buffets, coffee and other promotions to get “trainers” into their hotel to spend money.

True said that sports companies, airlines, electrical appliance companies, shoe manufacturers – even bedding firms – and many others have contacted them to be associated with the game.

It has been reported that 200 billion dollars in revenue was generated in the first month worldwide and that there are ten million downloads of the app per day at least.

pokemania in Thailand

People playing Pokemon Go in Thailand. Image: Thairath

Time spent on the game has now outstripped the average for users of Facebook and Twitter – people on average are spending 26 minutes per day on Pokémon Go as opposed to just 22 minutes on Facebook and 17 on Twitter.

The game has only officially been launched for four days in Thailand and is completely dominating the news.


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