Thai woman warns others after power bank explodes


A Thai woman has narrowly escaped serious injury after her power bank exploded while it was charging.

Facebook user Mindva Wiranchana has warned others about the dangers of overcharging the device.

A power bank is essentially an external battery that can be plugged into a smartphone or tablet for additional power.

The woman claimed her power bank exploded after she left it charging all night.

However, images shared on Facebook show a heap of electrical cables with at least two extension leads which appear to be plugged into one another.

The images were showed the the burnt power bank and a large burnt patch on the floor, suggest that the device was perhaps not being charged as intended.

It is not clear what caused the power bank to explode. However, it is likely it exploded due to some specific problem with particular device.

It also wasn’t clear if this particular power bank was certified and met safety standards or if it was a cheap knock off, the kind of which are commonly found on sale in Thailand.

The incident of the exploding power bank was brought to the attention of Channel 3 and is set to feature in one of their news bulletins.

Last year, a study in the UK warned of the dangers of using counterfeit chargers.

Out of 400 counterfeit chargers purchased from suppliers around the world, 397 were found to fail a basic safety test.

Common problems with the fakes included non-sleeved plugs, with metal pins and live parts exposed and only basic insulation in use, all of which increase the chances of electric shock.


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