Thailand Cybersecurity Week focuses on growing cyberthreats


Thailand Cybersecurity Week has opened to protect against cyberthreats and strengthen Thailand’s economy The event is a substantive result of government-private-public sector cooperation.

It aims to increase awareness of severely growing cyberthreats among Thais.

It helps to establish strong cybersecurity collaboration, build trust in online transactions and e-commerce, and boost Thailand’s economic stability.

Deputy Prime Minister Prajin Juntong said cyberthreats are growing more challenging and sophisticated.

The latest ransomware “WannaCry” is a notable case in which the worm quickly spread across any connected drives or networks and particularly hit systems, resulting in a shutdown and critical hindrance to computer operations around the globe.

To be proactive against the potential problems, the Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA) is partnering with governmental bodies, the private sector and the public to organise Thailand Cybersecurity Week.

The event will emphasise the importance of cybersecurity and encourage everyone involved to enhance cybersecurity collaboration.

This will lead to online transaction and e-commerce trust as well as support for emerging industries in the digital era such as digital content, financial technology and advanced e-payment for goods and services.

He complimented the ETDA, the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society and the ThaiCERT that monitor and supervise Thailand’s cybersecurity system necessary for online transaction, Internet banking, e-commerce and e-trade facilitation.

This will steer the country towards a digital and innovation-driven economy in line with the government’s Thailand 4.0 policy.

Digital Economy and Society Minister Pichet Durongkaveroj said Thailand Cybersecurity Week will help encourage organisations and individual to realise the importance of cybersecurity, as it has a profound impact on e-commerce, e-government and nearly every aspect of people’s lives.

In the ITU’s Global Cybersecurity Index and Cyber Wellness Profiles 2015, Thailand ranked 15th out of 196 nations, preceded by Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

It is no less important to establish a cybersecurity alliance, exchange cybersecurity ideas and knowledge as well as regular cybersecurity incident handling and cyber hygiene programmes, he said.

Surangkana Wayuparb, executive director and CEO of ETDA, said the cybersecurity event under the concept “Cybersecurity for All” held from June 26-30 will provide vital insight into cybersecurity in order to boost modern trade potential and make Thailand ideal to be the gateway to the Asean region.

The ThaiCERT’s statistics of cybersecurity incidents in Thailand showed 3,798 alerts and handling for cybersecurity.

The top three issues were malicious code, intrusions and fraud.

To enhance the cybersecurity of the country, the team has adopted dual approaches – proactive and developmental.

In collaboration with all entities concerned, the government sector focuses on cybersecurity policies.

She called for broad cooperation from all sectors of society.


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