Thailand forced to backtrack after blaming Facebook for feet dragging on illegal web sites


The NBTC chief has been forced to make a backtrack after blaming Facebook for not being fast enough in pulling the plug on sites deemed to have illegal content in Thailand.

Thakorn Tanthasit, head of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission, pointed his finger at Facebook last week after suggesting that the social media giant had only shut down 40% of sites mentioned in court orders last May.

But it has now emerged that both Facebook and YouTube have shut all the sites that they were requested to act on.

Mr Thakorn said that all the URLs mentioned in data supplied by the Ministry of Digital Economy had been dealt with. What the DE had supplied to the NTBC was different, he admitted to reporters.

He blamed a “miscommunication” and problems translating documents for the error.

Now he must face deputy PM Prawin Janthong tomorrow and explain what went wrong as the Thais scurry to rectify the matter and get approximately 2,000 more URLs taken down as per the court orders.

Via: Daily News

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