Thailand going bananas for Pokémon Go!


The whole country is going completely bonkers for Pokémon Go with news pages and social media full of stories, rumours, denials and warnings.

Drivers have been warned about prison while a Chiang Mai abbot wants hunters to stay out of his temple.

And the augmented reality game has only been going two days since its official Thai launch!

In latest developments an online lawyers’ page has warned drivers to be on the lookout for people dashing across roads staring obliviously at their phones.

The “Khoo Jai” page has warned that according to section 32 of the Thai Highway Code the onus of responsibility falls on drivers to look out for pedestrians.

Even if those pedestrians are acting irresponsibly it seems.

The law allows for a ten year prison sentence for a driver killing a pedestrian with three and one year sentences for pedestrians injured badly or slightly.

Hunters of Pokémon need to stare at their phones constantly to avoid missing their cartoon targets, the lawyers noted adding that it was not just kids that drivers need to look out for – adults are playing the game as much as anyone.

Pokemon Go Chiang Mai

Pokemon Go players in Chiang Mai are asked to keep out of a temple. Image: Sanook

Meanwhile an abbot at a temple in Chiang Mai has had enough already – he contacted a foundation group with a website to complain that Pokémon Go hunters were making life difficult for his monks who were trying to do their meditation.

The “Chomrom Goo Phai Jangwat Chiang Mai” page asked for people to stay out or at least show some proper manners.

The page also posted a sign proclaiming: “Animal sanctuary – do not catch Pokémon”.

And in other news it was alleged that a Pokémon Go “trainer”, as the hunters seem to be called, lost an expensive phone that fell in a river in Roi-Et.

Foundation frogmen were on the scene and managed to fish the Samsung Galaxy 7 from the depths after a 30 minute hunt of their own.

But the “Asoke Roi-Et” foundation denied early reports that the phone was lost in the pursuit of Pokémon saying that the owner of the phone was taking a photograph when someone bumped into them.

Stay tuned for all you need to know about Pokémon Go.

Pokemon Go Thailand

People gathered outside Siam Paragon on Sunday to play Pokemon Go