Thailand health officials blame electronic gadgets for slow down in kids education


BANGKOK:- Officials from Thailand’s Mental Health Department have warned parents in Thailand to exercise caution with regards to allowing their children to use electronic gadgets such as smartphones, tablets and computers.

The warning comes following a recent survey by the Mental Health Department in Thailand which found exposure to technology could be responsible for a slowdown in the development of children in Thailand.

Statistics from the survey have revealed that almost 30 per cent of Thai children are falling behind in their mental development and that their exposure to technological devices is to blame.

Doctors from the Department of Health explained that devices such as smartphones and tablets were an obstruction to learning and caused problems with children developing vital communication skills. Doctors also stressed that technology rarely benefits children under three years of age.

Instead of allowing children to spend too much time using smartphones and tablets, doctors advised that parents should limit the amount of time children are allowed to play on such devices and where possible choose applications that will enhance their child’s learning.

The Ministry of Public have also launched a new website which offers parents advice and support on how to foster proper development of children.

Source: NNT



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  2. ChrisWard99 on

    Instead of blaming kids using gadgets why don’t they look at what the teachers are doing!

  3. the no fail edu system is the main reason thai kids are lacking in the “smarts” arena. at least using the ” gadgets” teaches problem solving. the term “gadgets” shows just how far behind even so called educated thais are. 🙂

  4. Barry Piper on

    It’s not the technology, although it might be the content. My iPad is loaded with kids apps like how to tell time and other challenging puzzles. No Scooby-doo or Ben-Ten cartoons for my kids.

  5. Because they are playing the Thainess “Pass the Responsibility” game, which only stops when it passes to an inanimate object or a foreigner.

  6. smartmart64 on

    Head stuck in an iPad or similar and with NO verbal communication with others makes for a mouron. Went to party recently where 3 children of 18-19 years of age did NOT say one word to the other guests as they were just playing on their iPad etc. Communication ZERO Personality ZERO. There my be some good content out there but no contend will teach you how to communicate with others and develop the skills required to be part of the human race. What are they going to do at work when and if they get a job when they cannot communicate with the person holding the interview Answer: NO JOB

  7. The mental health department is not mentally independent from the junta. The junta deals with the legacy of Thaksin’s computer program at schools introduced over a decade ago and with Yingluck’s one tablet per child program. That is bad. Children are not stupid and they want to ask questions. Questions are not appreciated in Thailand. You do what you are told. No questions are appreciated about the elite let alone that children get suspicious of the highest institutions. Given the fact that repeating, replicating and chanting is how they do things in schools for as long as schools exist development may slow down in the eyes of the bureaucracy. The rest of us call it progress however. No longer doing what you are told as a child but asking questions. WHY is a dirty word for the junta.

  8. Patcharaluv . on

    I believe that would also explain why the parents are Zoombies themselves. Great example for the kids. I have noticed when families go out for dinner no one speaks to each other any more they all just get on there phones including the kids. I guess they just text each other if they have something to say.

  9. Dexter Marlowe on

    the Thai educational system (and the culture that embraces it) is so broken, that even a pile of dog crap can be blamed for its decline. from the poor curriculum to the so-so teachers and to parents who accept them (spend for tutor classes, hand out tea money, etc) don’t count for anything to Thai officials. what wonderful scapegoats technology and gadgets are! absolutely pathetic!

  10. David jerauld on

    Before it was sex & drugs & Rock ‘n Roll. Now it’s Candy Crush, Angry Birds & K-Pop.

  11. smartmart64 on

    I agree with many of the comments made but I still say if your child spends a big part of his/her day looking at an iPad be it learning how to tell the time etc this does not teach the child how to communicate with others. Teach the child yourself how to tell the time so there will be an interaction between parent and child and NOT a piece of technology. As for education here in Thailand and a few other parts of the world it sure as hell needs looking at and improved dramatically

  12. Sweeping statements. There are many good and competent Thai teachers. Thailand has a different scale of values than other countries. Destroying the balance would bring in unforeseen consequences.

  13. Find ways to fix the “problem” rather than finding ways to blame for the failure!

  14. Was there not recently a massive issue of ipads given to young Thai children in the school system to enhance their learning? When Thai officials spout off their advice it is usually nonsense or as in this case, a study that has been studied to death with the same conclusion as the Thai masters.

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  16. Technology slows down learning if all you do with it is chat with your friends or play mindcraft. Try having your kids use educational apps, watch the Science Channel, the Discovery Channel, PBS, the History Channel, How It’s Made, etc. All kinds of things on gadgets that will enhance your child. But that would come under parenting.

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  18. Daniel Ingalls on

    …….take away a learning gadget/toy…..and throw them in front of a TV screen all day? How about you lazy parents teach them through play, colors, number, alphabet. etc etc. Their your children….teach them! How to hold a fork and spoon correctly, how to behave in public, mannerism, things not taught in school. The purpose of going to school is too learn, not a babysitter, so you can go about being a non productive parent.Then when they get older and become teen punks in the streets at night, who’s to blame?……….you