Thailand doing well in ICT (Information Communication Technology)


Thailand is doing well in ICT and telecommunications, according to a new report by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).

The report, entitled “Measuring the Information Society 2015” which is now in its sixth year, covers the global developments being made in Information Communication Technology (ICT), as well as the cost and affordability of these services. Furthermore, the report also provides a global ranked index, which takes into account performance in terms of ICT infrastructure, usage and skills.

3 billion people on the Internet

According to the report, at the end of 2014 there are now 3 billion people using the Internet. Mobile subscriptions worldwide are slowing due to high levels of saturation, particularly in developed markets, but “mobile broadband remains the fastest growing market segment, with continuous double-digit growth rates in 2014 and an estimated global penetration rate of 32 percent – four times the penetration rate recorded just five years earlier.”

6.9 billion mobile subscriptions

By the end of this year, there will be as many mobile subscriptions as the population of the entire planet – 6.9 billion – that’s quite a staggering figure. Many of these people are in the developing world and over half (3.6 billion) in Asia Pacific. Of course, not everyone necessarily owns a mobile, as many of those people have more than one subscription.

Unfortunately, despite all this great uptake of ICT and mobile telecommunications, there are still 4.3 billion people who aren’t online – 90% of them live in developing nations where broadband only stands at around 6%. Clearly, there is still a long way to go to close the digital divide between the rich and the poor.

Thailand is improving…

In terms of the Internet, it was stated that “Thailand stands out with almost 100 percent school connectivity.” Furthermore, Thailand’s ICT rank improved to stand at 81st position (of 166 countries), and tenth in the region. Thailand is now also at 71st position in the ‘usage ranking’ which is an increase from the previous rank of 105.

The report goes on to say that: “In particular, the country’s wireless market proved to be extremely vibrant during the period 2012-2013: more than 7 million new mobile-cellular subscriptions and close to 28 million new wireless-broadband subscriptions were added within one year. Penetration rates stand at 138 percent for mobile-cellular and 52 percent for wireless-broadband services by end 2013. This is one of the highest wireless broadband penetration rates in Asia and the Pacific, only surpassed by the region’s high income economies.”

So it seems that Thailand is doing fairly well in terms of ICT, mobile, computer and Internet adoption. As always though, there’s still room for improvement but it’s great to see Thailand steadily improving.



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