Thailand ranks 6th in Asian Internet speeds


Internet company Ookla has just published its results for the rankings of Asian countries in terms of Internet speeds, and the results are quite revealing. Thailand actually ranks 6th in the region with an average of 18.9 Mbps, far ahead of Cambodia, Laos and Malaysia, but outclassed by countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and Taiwan.

Thailand Internet speeds on the rise

According to the new global survey by Ookla, the average broadband speed in Malaysia is slower than Vietnam and Cambodia in the region, and barely ahead of Myanmar. Thailand ranks fairly well, with Vietnam not that far behind.

Internet Speeds AsiaAt the number one spot was Hong Kong with a speed of 78.3 Mbps. Singapore sped to second placing at 66.6 Mbps while South Korea was ranked fourth (53.77 Mbps), the United Kingdom 23rd (26.85 Mbps) and the United States, 32nd (23.9 Mbps).

The survey is conducted every year by Ookla, a global broadband and network diagnostic applications company, that compares the uplink/downlink speeds and ping times, as well as other metrics.

Thailand’s Internet infrastructure is slowly improving, though it may not seem like it at times. Companies such as 3BB, True and TOT all offer fairly fast ADSL broadband connections, as well as newer fibre-optic technologies that go far beyond what ADSL can offer.

As an example, 3BB now offers a 30 Mbps (downlink) / 3 Mbps (uplink) fibre package for around 1,300 baht a month, almost doubling in price if you opt for 50 Mbps / 10 Mbps. Now that’s a great speed, as long as it’s reliable of course…

SOURCE: The Star Online / Ookla Netindex



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  2. Did you not post this already?
    Big Bandwith with bad line quality I like to trade for small bandwith with excellent line quality.
    This is only about bandwith, I assume…Nothing about packet loss (data not good, has to be resend) and amount of routers and such? You might have good bandwith, but that isn’t everything. Talking about speed is a LOOOONNNG story…even longer than I wrote here…
    But yes, in HuaHin is it good..very good..I’m happy! 🙂

  3. I see the figures and find it hard to believe???
    It might be that the internet speed figures are for national website, but for sure not for international ones.
    I have a TOT contract 9down/1up Mbps(sold as the better package for international connections) and though the speedtest comes regularly to 7.5/0.8Mbps , if I calculate the time a file downloads with the file-size, than the actual speed is a factor 5 slower , more 1.0-1.5 Mbps download.
    I distrust these speed figures, unless their sits a slow … filter on international lines.

  4. “As an example, 3BB now offers a 30 Mbps (downlink) / 3 Mbps (uplink) fibre package for around 1,300 baht a month”

    Really? Perhaps you should get your facts straight before going into print.