Thailand pricing of Apple Watch 2 and AirPods announced


Earlier this week Apple officially unveiled the second generation of its wearable, the Apple Watch 2.

First showcased at Apple’s keynote event in San Francisco, the Apple Watch Series 2 looks almost identical to its predecessor, the Apple Watch.

However, the latest model offers up a host of new features and is now ‘swim proof’ meaning it is completely water resistant up to depths of 50 metres and can be used in both open water and swimming pools.

On the inside, the Apple Watch 2 is powered by the all new S2 chip that has a dual core processor and which Apple says is 50 percent faster, while the new GPU is capable of twice the graphics performance offering a level of detail five times to that of the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch 2 also includes a much improved display which should make it easier to read the watch when running outside.

It also includes a new built in GPS which should help you to track runs and workouts more easily and accurately and also let you track varying speeds.

Today, Apple has announced the prices of the Apple Watch 2 in Thailand.

Prices start at 13,900 baht but go right up to 47,500 baht for the Apple Watch 2 Edition.

The new Apple Watch Nike+ will also cost 13,900 baht and is due for release on September 16th.

Apple has also announced its new wireless headphones known as AirPods will be on sale in Thailand in October for 6,900 Baht.

The AirPods are part of Apple’s plan to develop a “wireless future” and have been created after the Cupertino firm removed the headphone jack from its latest smartphone, the iPhone 7.

“AirPods are the first headphones to deliver a breakthrough wireless audio experience, and they deliver innovative features including high quality sound, great battery life and automatic setup,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing.

“AirPods are simple and magical to use, with no switches or buttons, automatically connecting to all your Apple devices simply and seamlessly.








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