Thailand Schools Now Using Multimedia to Bridge Education Gap


YouTube and other multimedia platforms have the potential to educate students on a massive scale, and do so at little to no cost. Government schools and other institutions in Thailand have recognized that multimedia platforms like YouTube can help bridge the gap in education access.

YouTube channels like Ormschool and ChocChip Channel are using this global multimedia platform to teach students or provide them with edutainment programming. Ormschool, in particular, has more than 10,000 videos with over 10 million views. The channel’s aim is to provide high school students with educational information on a variety of subjects, including chemistry, math, physics, social studies, biology and language learning.

ChocChip focuses more on creating edutainment programs that both entertains and educates the viewer on subjects like science and art. Content on this channel is organized by age groups (pre-school to pre-teen), so viewers can easily choose appropriate videos for their learning level.

Teachers are also creating content for their classes. Several schools in Thailand are using YouTube as a way to enrich the educational experience both in and out of the classroom. Some subjects that require demonstrations, such as computer classes, benefit greatly from YouTube and other multimedia platforms. Thai teachers are using YouTube as a cost effective and simple way to share demonstrations with their students.

Of course, it’s not just IT-related classes that benefit from video sharing platforms. Thai teachers in every subject from science to music, art and language learning are using YouTube to bridge the education gap.

Other institutions, such as Khon Kaen University, are finding ways to incorporate YouTube into lessons and lectures. In 2013, the university officially adopted Google Apps for Education, which allows teachers to deliver video content to students through YouTube. Other universities are using YouTube as a way to help students be innovative and learn independently.