Thailand turning to mobile for key purchases


With 67 per cent Internet penetration and 133 per cent mobile penetration, Thailand’s rapidly increasing “connected consumers” segment is redefining the new rules of engagement for brands, according to the Tetra Pak Index 2017.

With Thais leading the world on the number of hours spent on Internet via mobile devices (4.1 hours daily), and Bangkok as the city with the most Facebook users (24 million), the report said that winning over today’s empowered, connected consumers presents brands with an increasingly complex environment – and also novel opportunities.

Themed around “The Connected Consumer”, the 10th edition of the Tetra Pak Index is based on 70,000 samples from 57 markets. The Index explores the evolving world of digital and online consumers, and how they connect with food and beverage brands. Results show that effectively engaging with this growing consumer group is critical for business growth, the index found.

Thailand has 97 per cent ownership of smartphone devices, a large portion of consumers that purchase and connect exclusively via mobile.

The global average of 91 per cent. Thais also show higher engagement with brands on social media, with 44 per cent saying they follow brands they like, compared to the worldwide average of 37 per cent.

These rapid growth rates indicate that brands need to match this pace of change and evolve their strategies to thrive, by initiating, joining and helping shape connected conversations, the Index concluded.

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