Thailand’s 4G networks are improving but still lag behind, new report finds


The average speed of Thailand’s 4G networks are almost twice as fast as they were 6 months ago, a new report has found.

The same report said 4G is more readily available in Thailand than in the United Kingdom, France, Germany or New Zealand.

However, when it comes to overall 4G speed, Thailand still has some catching up to do.

The findings come from the latest version of OpenSignal’s ‘State of LTE’ report, which has analysed data on 4G networks in 75 countries around the world to reveal how well a country’s networks perform in terms of both speed and availability.

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OpenSignal compiled the data by taking 19,556,514,365 measurements from 558,260 test devices running the OpenSignal app from 1 Jan to 31 March 2017.

The data revealed that Thailand’s 4G networks are getting better and that on the whole, the availability of 4G in the kingdom is actually quite good. However, the speed of 4G was lagging behind other countries.

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The report ranked Thailand in 22nd place when it came to the 4G availability but only managed 65th place for speed.

With that being said, in terms of average download speeds, the report found that Thailand had made massive improvements in 2017.

For the period between 1 Jan to 31 March 2017 Thailand was found to have an average 4G speed of 11.85 Mbps.

By comparison, the previous version of the same study carried out between Nov 1st 2016 – Jan 31st 2017 found Thailand’s average speed to be just 6.09 Mbps.

Overall, Singapore leads the way when it comes to 4G speeds clocking in an average of 45.62Mbps. Closely following in 2nd place is South Korea at 43.46Mbps and Hungary in 3rd with average speeds of 42.61Mbps.

In 39th place was the United Kingdom which has an average 4G speed of 22.65 Mbps, while the United States 4G isn’t that much faster than in Thailand, with the US having an average 4G speed of just 14.99 Mbps, putting it in 59th place globally.

Regionally, and aside from Singapore, Brunei was the country in ASEAN found to have the fastest average 4G speed at 26.57 Mbps. Also ahead of Thailand was Malaysia and Cambodia with average 4G speeds of 14.35 Mbps and 12.78 Mbps, respectively.

Behind Thailand was the Philippines at 8.59 Mbps and Indonesia at 7.71 Mbps.

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