Thailand’s broadcasting regulator plays down Facebook ban saying it was mere “speculation and not true”


The secretary of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission has said that the Thai authorities never intended to ban Facebook.

Thakorn Tanthasit was speaking after a meeting with an Asian internet federation and ISPs who came asking for clarification about the actions of the Thai government.

He said that alleged moves by the government to shut down Facebook were just speculation and not true.

But he affirmed that the government want to work with providers to ensure that illegal content is kept away from Thailand, Daily News reported.

He said that he reiterated with those at the meeting that where court orders had been obtained then sites with illegal and harmful content must be blocked.

That was the Thai law and like the laws of other countries it must be followed.

The news comes as Thai authorities revealed plans on Monday to not only target those who post or share “illicit content” but also those who view it.

Thailand has a technology crime suppression police division, which handles inappropriate content and computer crimes that are insulting to the monarchy.

“The division will be the one to decide whether going in and viewing illegal content violates the law or not,” deputy police spokesman Major General Songpol Wattanachai told Reuters.

“Authorities will ask people to cooperate not to view illegal content.”

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