Thais on holiday spend more time on their smartphones than doing anything else


Thai people are likely to spend more of their holiday time on their smartphone than any other activity, according to a new survey.’s Mobile Travel Tracker Study of 9,200 people from 31 countries found that Thai people are most addicted to spending time on their smartphone using social media while on vacation.

According to the study, Thai people on average spend only 2 hours per day for sightseeing, visiting the beach or doing other tourist related activities, while they spend almost double that on their smartphone.

The study revealed that Thai people spend around 4 hours per day on their smartphone while on holiday – more than any other country country polled.

Indians came in second place with 3.3 hours, followed by Malaysians at 3.2 hours and the Chinese in fourth spot, who spend 3.1 hours staring at their smartphones while on holiday.

The study also found that social media particularly Facebook was the top app category people used while travelling, with Thai people spending around 3.5 hours per day on social media.

50 percent of respondents admitted that they upload holiday photos in order to make their friends jealous.

“For travelers the mobile effect begins with booking, as 43% of people in our study have booked a hotel on mobile,” said Dan Craig of

“It’s therefore no surprise that today’s modern tourist is so reliant on their smartphone, and as technology is advancing it’s becoming a more indispensable travel companion.”

Photo credit: mikecogh via Visualhunt / CC BY-SA


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  1. Priore Di Franciacorta on

    Even on holiday they spend more time on their smartphones. No difference than when at work.