Thais on mobile phones almost an hour each day, new survey claims


A survey commissioned by the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) has revealed that the average Thai spends 50 minutes on their mobile phone each and every day.

But many are using their devices to make money.

The survey with a nationwide sample size of 7,619 respondents was carried out by Chiang Mai University for the NBTC, Thairath reported.

It was found that much of the time spent on phones was being used productively for the purpose of work or work related matters – an average of 24 minutes per day.

The group that was using their phones most to make money were those in the 31 – 40 age group. This compared to only 9% of 20s and under and 29% of 51 to 60s.

The NBTC said that there are 120 million numbers in use but that demand for more numbers is still acute with phone operators asking for 180 million numbers.

It has to be said that the findings of the survey, which claims that Thais spend an average of just 50 minutes per day on their smartphones do seem rather low.

A study from 2016 claimed that Thai people spent an average of 160 minutes per day using their smartphone.


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