Thais spend 160 minutes per day on their smartphones


On average, Thai people spend 160 minutes per day on their smartphones, according to data released by mobile analytics company VServ.

The study, which analyzed feedback from 565 respondents, found that smartphone users in Thailand trail only behind Malaysia when it comes to time spent on their smartphones.

Smartphone users in Malaysia spend an average of 187 minutes per day using their phones, whereas users in the Phillipines trial behind Thailand with around 140 minutes per day spent on their phones. In Indonesia average daily smartphone usage is 129 minutes.

The study also looked at the different behaviours of smartphone users in Thailand and found that data consumption among smartphone users is almost 60 percent higher than in other countries in the region.

This is in part due to Thai smartphone users spending more time streaming video content and music (13 minutes per day) to their devices than users in neighbouring countries.

Other behaviours of Thai smartphone users were found to be typical of that of smartphone users with huge demand for social media, news and mobile gaming, in addition to video and music streaming.

The study which was conducted by Nielsen Informate Mobile Insights separated users into six different groups based on their smartphone behaviours and time spent using different mobile apps.

Social Stars made up the first group and accounted for 20 percent of respondents. These users spend half their time on social networking, chat and VOIP apps. This group was found to be typically between 18-24, male, and spent most time on Facebook and LINE.

Social Stars


Dabblers, which accounted for another 20 percent of respondents, were found to spend the least amount of time on their smartphones and had a low amount of data consumption. On average, Dabblers were female and between 31-40 years old.



The third group were Power Users (17%), who spent the highest amount of time on their smartphones, with engagement in chat, games and VOIP apps. Power Users spent an average of 208 minutes per day on their smartphones, using LINE, playing games or watching YouTube. Typically, Power Users were 31-40 years old and male.

Power Users


The fourth group were Conversationalists (17%) who primarily used their smartphones for making calls. This group was found to be made up of 18-24 year old females.



Data Guzzlers made up the fifth group (13%), who consumed the most amount of data and who spent most time on gaming and social networking apps. Data Guzzlers spent 169 minutes per day on their phones, mainly between the hours of 8pm-11pm, where they watch YouTube, use Facebook or play LINE games.

Data Guzzlers


The sixth group were the Explorers (13%) who spent the most amount of time browsing, searching, shopping online and social networking. Explorers spend their days on Facebook or Lazada.


The study also found that Thailand will have an estimated 25 million smartphones users by 2017.

The introduction of 4G and a nationwide wireless broadband network is also expected to result in increases in smartphone usage and mobile data consumption in Thailand.

Source: VServ



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