Thais warn Facebook, Google, Line, YouTube: Our taxman is coming after you!


The taxman is going after the big players in internet business for money for Thai coffers.

New legislation is expected to be in force before the end of the year that will see a huge windfall from the likes of Facebook, Google, Line and YouTube.

Old rules mean that such massive corporations can get away with paying threadbare tax for massive multi-billion baht business operations.

Much of the money in E-Commerce is being generated in computer and online savvy Thailand but the profits are going abroad.

Now the Thai revenue department is catching up, Thairath reported.

Prasong Phoonthanet, the chief of the revenue department said that proposals will be presented to a government committee within the next two to three months for consideration.

These are expected to come into force before the end of the year.

Prasong said that while the department have made changes over the last 100 years in line with new business practices the explosion of E-Commerce over the last ten years has left the department needing a dramatic change in their regulations.


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