ThaiTech is now available on Google Play Newsstand


It is now even easier to keep up to date with ThaiTech from your mobile device.

From today, the latest news and articles from ThaiTech are available for you to read via the Google Play Newsstand.

If you’re not familiar with Google Play Newsstand, it is a handy little app which lets you read news from a wide selection of free and paid news sources around the world, from small blogging sites to the world’s largest news publishers and just about everything in between.

ThaiTech on Google Play Newsstand

The great thing about the Google Play Newsstand is that it is specially designed for mobile users and allows you to subscribe to the specific topics or areas that interest you the most.

Google Play Newsstand is available to download for free on Android and iOS.

Once downloaded, you can add ThaiTech and any other titles of interest direct to your personalised Newsstand.

From there you can browse at your leisure and enjoy a stylish and responsive media experience taking in the latest news stories from around the world on your phone or tablet.


Here’s a bit more info on the Google Play Newsstand


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