The $20,000 Solarin smartphone will come with military grade security


Sirin Labs has created what it says is the world’s first smartphone with “military-grade security” but which is likely to cost around $20,000 (approx 4.2 million THB).

Aimed at high level business execs, the British-Israeli Swiss based startup says it has raised more than $72 million to create a smartphone which will include technology that is so advanced consumers are unlikely to it in the mass market for several years.

Some of Sirin Labs’ backers include the former head of brand for Rolls-Royce, a former head of the Israeli National Cyber Bureau and Joan Laporta, the former president of Barcelona FC.

Described as the “Rolls-Royce of smartphones”, the Solarin smartphone is an Android device that will operate faster, be far more secure and have higher privacy settings than any other device currently available.

In a statement, Sirin Labs said it wants to “create the most advanced mobile device that combined the highest privacy settings, operated faster than any other phone, built with the best materials from around the world”.

The idea to create the Solarin smartphone came after one of Sirin Labs investors had his own phone hacked and found that the only options for truly secure smartphones were military handsets that lacked the functionality of regular smartphones.

Sirin Labs co-founder Moshe Hogeg told Techcrunch: “We managed to combine military phone and the phone for everyday use.”

“As tech lovers, we said we wanted to bring the most sophisticated tech out there into the smartphone,” Hogeg continued.

“91% of Fortune 500 companies are under cyber attacks, but companies can’t use a military phone because they usually lack all the apps that consumers use.”

The company believes that there could be as many as 60 million people around the world who would buy the Solarin smartphone, with the bulk of its customer base coming from 18 million millionaires.

The Solarin is expected to be on sale in May and will be available from its flagship store in Mayfair, London.

Apart from that, few other details about the Solarin smartphone are available, most notably what it will look like or what features it will include.


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