The amount of data Facebook collects from your photos is utterly terrifying


A software developer has helped to unearth the staggering amount of data Facebook collects each time you upload a photo.

And it goes much further than simply being able to suggest people who may be in the photo or prompting you to tag your friends.

The reality is that the world’s most popular social network is collecting a lot more data than many of us will have realised.

Once you upload a photo, Facebook is able to detect how many people are in the image and if it was taken inside or outdoors.

 (Picture: Adam Geitgey/Facebook via Metro)

(Picture: Adam Geitgey/Facebook via Metro)

It can also identify humans, animals and other objects.

It can even differentiate between people who are sitting down or standing up, as well as being able to identify different terrains.

The revelation comes from software developer Adam Geitgey who has a created a Chrome extension that reveals the exact amount of data Facebook is collecting from your photos.


To see how much data Facebook is collecting from you, download the the Chrome browser extension, Show Facebook Computer Vision Tags, from the Chrome web store.

Facebook told the reason it collects the data is to help people who use screen readers, with its object recognition technology able to provide a description of what’s in a photo to people who may be visually impaired.

While Facebook confirmed it has been collecting this data since April 2016, it did not confirm if the data it collects from photos is used to target advertising to its users.

We tested the Chrome extension out on some photos posted to the Thaivisa Facebook page and it seemed pretty accurate.




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