The Compute Card from Intel is a PC that can fit in your wallet


PC giants Intel have unveiled the next generation of computers.

Called the Compute Card, the new computer is the size of a credit card and is so small it can fit inside your wallet.

Unveiled last week at CES 2017, the tech giant heralded what it is calling a breakthrough in space saving computing.

The Compute Card has been designed with the Internet of Things and connected devices in mind, allowing users to more easily connect devices to one central home or office hub.

Despite its size, (it measures just 95mm x 55mm x 5mm), Intel says the Compute Card has enough power to handle all the everyday tasks of your regular PC and includes many of the key hardware components such as a hard drive, RAM, GPU, CPU and can even connect to Wi-Fi.

While Intel hasn’t released any further details with regards to specifications, the company says there is no end to its potential uses.

The Compute Card also comes with a USB and HDMI connection meaning you will easily be able to connect it to many devices in the home and office.

It will also be able to run on Windows and Linux and will be available to third party manufacturers.

While it may not be replacing your laptop just yet, the next generation of computing could be with us sooner than you think, with Intel claiming the new device will launch by mid 2018.

The company says a number of leading PC manufacturers including Dell, Lenovo and HP have already said they will use the new hardware.

Via: ZDNet


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