The death of the headphone jack is nigh as details emerge of the new iPhone 7 AirPods


We all know by now that Apple is planning to dump the headphone port on the iPhone 7.

Previously something that we took for granted on phones, laptops and tablets seems destined to become no more.

There are three options available for replacing the jack. The first is an adaptor into which the headphones can be plugged into the lightening port.

The second pair are a set of headphones that already include a lightening port and the third is via Bluetooth – the area the Apple is secretly doing work on.

Russian website claims that according to documents filed with the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC), Apple has designed some wireless headphones that will be known as Airpods.

It is believed that these will based around wireless headphones that the company has already manufactured, known as earpods so the name would make sense. The document also revealed that the company plans to release three types of headset under the branding of Beats – whom they acquired in 2014.

It appears that the airpods may not be quite ready so at the launch we can expect earpods with a Lightening connection to be included when the iPhone is purchased, while the in-ear headphones will be discontinued.

Jonathan Brown's signature on AirPods trademark case filing

Jonathan Brown’s signature on AirPods trademark case filing

Apple’s development of AirPods has long been kept a secret and the name only appeared in US government records in 2015.

Although filed under the name ‘Entertainment in Flight’ the trademark carried the signature of Jonathan Brown, a manager at Apple, MacRumours reported.

We will know for sure at Apple’s media event on 7 September.


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