The feature we’ve all been waiting for is FINALLY coming to WhatsApp


More than one billion people use WhatsApp making it the most popular messaging app in the world.

However, whilst many of its rivals have already added video chat, WhatsApp has lagged somewhat behind although that looks likely to change.

The latest beta version of WhatsApp allows users to make and receive video calls over Wi-Fi or a mobile data connection.

The feature is not actually something new on the beta version as it first appeared back in May but was quickly withdrawn with no reason being given.

Making a video call on WhatsApp is quite straightforward; all you need is the two users to be running the latest version of the beta. If you haven’t got the latest version you will still be able to make voice calls.

As the feature is available again on the beta version it seems likely that it will be released onto the full version soon.

Last week, Amnesty International praised WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger for being the “most secure” messaging platforms available to users. The human rights group ranked Whatsapp ahead of the likes of Skype, Snapchat, Blackberry and Google Hangouts.

Last month, Whatsapp also added an array of new camera features for users on Android.

The new features allow users to customise messages and enhance images and video that are shared with friends.

Users can now add text in a variety of different fonts and colours, as well as adding emojis to an image before it is sent.


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