The Google Pixel smartphone can be hacked in 60 seconds


A Chinese team of hackers, dubbed Qihoo 360 has managed to hack the new Google Pixel smartphone in just 60 seconds at the PwnFest hacking competition held in Seoul and earned the team $120,000 (THB4.25 million) in prize money.

Qihoo 360 managed to gain access and execute code remotely by exploiting a vulnerability.

The Register reported that the team we able to use the exploit to launch the Google Play Store, then then open Google Chrome in order to display a web page that said “Pwned By 360 Alpha Team”.

The team then went on to demonstrate hacks of all the Pixel phone’s features such as messages and contacts.


Image: The Register

Luckily, especially if you are a Pixel phone owner, these exploits were soon closed by Google.

This is not the first time that security on the Google Pixel has been compromised.

Keen Team of Tencent – a rival of Qihoo 360 and also from China found a previously unknown vulnerability during the Mobile Pwn2Own event which was held in Japan last week. Once again these vulnerabilities have been closed by Google.

Keen Team of Tencent also revealed a bug in the Chrome browser that was patched within 24 hours as well as hacking the Safari on macOS Sierra – the latest version Apple’s desktop operating system.

The news comes after Adrian Ludwig, Director of Security at Android recently claimed the Pixel and the iPhone 7 were equal when it came to security features.

Mr. Ludwig said that he believes Android will soon offer better security than iOS due to the open nature of Google’s mobile operating system.

“In the long term, the open ecosystem of Android is going to put it in a much better place,” he said.


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