The iPhone 8 could be foldable, if this new Apple patent is anything to go by


Just when you thought that flip phones were a thing of the past, Apple has filed a new patent for a foldable phone.

The news was released on the website Patently Apple and explains that this patent shows “a perspective view of an illustrative electronic device such as a future iPhone that bends along a flexible portion such as a flexible seam associated with a hinge.”

The idea is a throwback to the iconic Motorola Razr of the mid-naughties – something that Motorola had hinted at bringing back although they never followed this through.

Fortunately or unfortunately depending on your point of view, just because a patent has been awarded doesn’t mean that the device will ever make it even to the prototype stage.

Apple’s rivals have spent most of the last year trying to develop flexible screens so the idea may not be too off the wall.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has curved edges to the screen making it seem larger than it actually is and a Samsung patent revealed it too was investigating the possibility of a foldable screen.

The reason that Apple’s patent, which was originally filed around 2013, has remained a secret for so long is because it was filed under the name of an individual engineer, rather than Apple themselves. It does however carry the iPhone label and the legendary Home button.

We will have to wait to see how the story concludes!


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