The iPhone 8 could be released much sooner than expected


The iPhone 8 could be available earlier than had previously been thought according to reports.

Apple has declined to comment but rumours in the US suggest that a March released date could well be possible.

The report comes from MacRumors and is based around US store Target which has reportedly told its outlets to return all remaining units of the iPhone SE.

The move would be weeks in advance of what had previously been anticipated and it is believed that Apple may launch as many two new iPhones and four new iPads.

The company are looking to update their premium range and three of the four iPads are expected to be upgrades to the company’s existing tablets.

While March may be too early for the release of the iPhone, Apple is widely tipped to release a refreshed version of the iPhone SE, where a 128GB model is expected to be unveiled.

The release of the iPhone 8 is of course expected to be a big event with it marking the tenth anniversary of the launch of the first iPhone.

It will certainly have a major hardware boost but it is also expected to include some significant changes to its design and appearance.

The changes are predicted to include a curved screen that will be a super-detailed OLED screen as well as dropping the Lightning connector in favour of a USB-C port. The physical Home button is also expected to be omitted.

This will bring the device in line with many Android devices whereby users navigate around the screen using a touchscreen.

Renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo previously stated the iPhone 8 will include a ‘function area’ which will work in a similar manner to the Touch Bar found on the new Mac Book Pro, offering different options depending on what app or service is being used. 


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