The iPhone is 10: Here are 10 things that should be included on the next iPhone


The first iPhone was launched on January 9 2007 so to celebrate ten years of one of the biggest tech successes in history we look at ten things that users want on the new iPhone 8 which is due to be launched in September.

1. Longer Battery Life

It is common problem with all smartphones but the iPhone has long been criticised for its battery life. Like most devices its need charging daily but as we saw with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, longer life batteries are not as straightforward as we may like.

2. Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is not particularly impressive at the moment as most devices need to be placed on a mat near a plug socket for it to work. What everyone is looking for is a way of charging our device through the air without the need to be near a docking station. Apple are thought to be exploring this but the iPhone 8 may come too soon for this to be included.

3. Unbreakable Screen

Breaking screens is another common complaint about iPhones and Motorola managed to develop a device that could withstand being dropped from a building so why can’t Apple? Glass is probably not the way forward.

4. Lower Price

iPhones are expensive. Last year Apple launched the iPhone SE last year in a bid to attract lower budget consumers. However, despite offering reasonable specs it certainly didn’t compete with likes of OnePlus or Huawei who launched quality devices on a budget. Will Apple follow suit?

5. Edge to Edge Screen

Something that has already been adopted by Sony and Samsung is the edge-to-edge displays. This is something that is expected on the iPhone 8.

6. Apple Pencil Support

Using the Apple Pencil, users can now write on their iPad. Being able to make notes, write and draw on phones, especially those with larger screens can be a useful option to have and a stylus or Apple Pencil support would be an interesting addition on the iPhone.

7. More Memory

16GB of memory is just not enough anymore with the introduction of 4K video so it was little surprise that the iPhone 7 started at 32GB. The problem is that this isn’t expandable so users were again left short of memory

8. OLED Technology

Apple’s rivals have tried to push the boundaries with display technology so we can expect Apple to follow their lead. And while the Cupertino firm’s Retina screen offers users a great experience it’s certainly high time they took things to the next level, especially as its best of class camera can shoot stunning Ultra HD imagees

9. USB C

This is the standard way of charging devices these days and even the new MacBooks are using it. If the iPhone used a USB-C there would be no need to pack numerous cables into your bag let’s hope that this is something that happens.

10. Appearance

As it will be the 10th anniversary device we should really expect something that looks pretty impressive. With all the rumours that are flying about, this is probably one of the things that we can guarantee.

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