The Johammer J1 is the future of motorbikes – and could also power your home


It might be one of the strangest looking motorbikes, but the Johammer J1 is probably the most revolutionary.

This electric motorbike is the first of its kind capable of covering more than 300 kilometres on a single charged.

If that wasn’t impressive enough, its Austrian designers, say future versions of the Johammer J1 will able to double up as an enormous battery which could be used to power your home.

Dubbed the Tesla of motorcycles, a prototype of the new version is already being tested in Switzerland.


First released in 2014, the Johammer J1 is created by the company of the same name based in Bad Leonfelden and has sold approximately 60 Johammers around the world.

The current version of the J1 has an almost silent 11 kilowatt motor that is built into the rear wheel and which can provide up to 14 horsepower and reach a maximum speed of 74mph.

The new version of the J1 will be able to plug the battery into solar panels that are used to power homes.

There are also plans to release a version complete with a sidecar which would mean the use of a larger battery that would allow you to ride it even further off a single charge.

Johammer J1

Commenting on the new J1, Johammer founder, Johann Hammerschmid told Bloomberg:

“This is a natural return to the concept of the horse, before there was noise and pollution from engines.”

“We’re at the stage cars were at 100 years ago”, Hammerschmid told Bloomberg.

“The infrastructure was limited but it grew quickly.”

“The same will happen with e-vehicles, and it won’t just be gas stations used for recharging – Homes, workplaces, shopping malls, parking garages—all will become places to recharge.”

The J1 is currently available in a choice of colours including white, yellow, blue, silver and green and costs from $31,600.


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