The MacBook Selfie Stick is the dumbest thing you will see all week


No, it’s not April 1st.

Believe it or not, someone has actually made a selfie stick for the MacBook.

MacBook Selfie Stick

The latest tool to fuel the world’s selfie obsession, the MacBook Selfie Stick has been created as part of an art project which shows artists using the selfie stick at popular locations throughout New York, such as Times Square and Washington Square Park.

MacBook selfie stick

Even though it is thought the MacBook Selfie Stick has actually been created to highlight the obsession with technology and self, don’t be surprised if Chinese manufacturers have already put it into mass production.

Expect to see the Macbook Selfie Stick on sale in MBK, Pantip Plaza, or at a night market near you sometime soon!

MacBook Selfie Stick

Check out the full MacBook Selfie Stick gallery here.


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