The new feature on Facebook Messenger is the one we’ve all been waiting for


Facebook Messenger is many people’s favourite method of communication although it can prove costly if you are on a limited data mobile tariff but that is about to change thanks to an all new feature.

Data Saver, Facebook’s answer to cutting back on data usage has now finally moved on from being a beta on Android and is soon expected to be available to all users across both iOS and Android.

So how does it work? Basically, Messenger’s data crunching tool limits the amount of content that is automatically downloaded to your device as well as compressing images – something else that will help reduce data usage.

Once you have the new version installed, every time you receive an image, video or voice recording you will be given the option of whether you wish to download it or not – so long as you have Data Saver turned on.

Another bonus is that, in the beta version at least, it comes with a counter that will let you know how much data you have used or saved.

Data Saver doesn’t work when you are using WiFi, only when you are using mobile data.

This is great unless you are also trying to restrict your data usage at home, in which case it is completely ineffective. However, there is a solution available for this too – Opera’s Max app on Android which is capable of cutting up to 50% of you data download on your mobile phone.

Facebook is yet to confirm when Data Saver will be rolled out to all users but if you’re on Android, you can try it out on the beta version Messenger now.

Source: Android Police


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