The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is all you could ever want in a smartphone


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is finally here.

The Korean tech giant unveiled the latest version of its phablet device at a press event on Tuesday.

The Note 7 boasts a whole new design and an array of new features and is the first smartphone to be shipped with an iris scanner that reads your eye and enables you to unlock your phone in a matter of seconds.

Having invented the phablet with the launch of its Note series, the Galaxy Note 7 follows its predecessor, the Note 5, with the Note 6 being skipped enabling Samsung to bring the Note series into line with its Galaxy S7 smartphones.

The Note 7 features the same high end design and build quality of the Galaxy S7 but perhaps its biggest feature is the biometric iris scanner that means you can unlock your phone by glancing at the device. In addition, the Note 7 also includes a fingerprint scanner under the home button, which glasses wearers can use instead of having to remove their specs to get the iris scanner to work.

Galaxy Note 7

The Note 7 also includes a number of the same specs found in Samsung’s Galaxy S7 range including the IP68 rating which means the device will survive being submerged water up to 1.5 metres in depth for 30 minutes.

It also includes a rear facing 12 megapixel camera, 4GB RAM and 64GB of internal storage which can be extended via MicroSD.

The Note 7 has a stunning 5.7 curved Quad HD Super AMOLED 2k display, USB-C and its trademark S-pen stylus which Samsung says is also waterproof and will work even if the screen is wet.

The Note 7 runs Android Marshmallow, although Samsung has made some changes to its TouchWiz operating system that means users have a few nifty features to play with such as the ability to turn videos into GIFs and write on the Note 7’s screen while the phone is asleep, without waking it up.

Samsung also unveiled a new version of its Gear VR headset, which the company says should be more comfortable to wear.

Samsung hasn’t yet announced an official release date for the Note 7 but it will almost certainly want to make the device available before the launch of the iPhone 7, which is expected to hit shops around September 16.

Samsung also hasn’t yet revealed the pricing for the Note 7, but you can expect a SIM free version to cost you in excess of 30,000 Baht.


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