The Samsung Galaxy S8 is already delayed


Samsung aren’t having the best of times at the moment and it appears that the release date for the new Galaxy S8 has already been delayed.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the next generation of the flagship device and will no doubt be pretty impressive.

It seems that this delay is because Samsung want to iron out any issues that they have had and make sure that the new model makes a big impact.

Like many companies, Samsung likes to launch its flagship model at the annual Mobile World Congress which is held annually in Barcelona but it appears that the S8 won’t be ready in time for the 2017 event.

This is probably in response to the claims that the company rushed the launch of the disastrous Note 7, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Whenever the device appears, Samsung will be hoping it will have the maximum impact.

It is believed that it will include a super-smart AI assistant called Viv as the Korean giant prepares to take on battle with the likes of Google and Apple. The plan with Viv is to reduce Samsung’s reliance on Google’s services.

According to reports, the Galaxy S8 will follow the lead of the Note 7 and feature dual-curved displays across all models. This is a change from the Galaxy S smartphones having an Edge option rather than coming as standard.

There are expected to be two variations launched which are currently codenamed Dream and Dream2.

One of the devices will include a 5.1 inch full HD dual curved display, similar to that found on the Galaxy S7 Edge, while there will also be a larger 5.5 inch display handset.

Samsung is also expected to follow Apple and Moto and ditch the industry-standard 3.5mm headphone port.


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