The Samsung WELT is a smart belt that tells you when you are getting fat


A Samsung backed startup has launched the next generation of fitness tracking in the form of a new ‘smart’ weight loss belt.

The Korean tech giant is hoping the Samsung WELT will herald a new age in wearable technology.

Last week, Samsung revealed the WELT had hit its target on Kickstarter and that the company will start shipping the device soon.

With its tagline of “waist is the new wrist”, Samsung says the WELT is a fashionable and stylish looking gadget that can work to help improve your health.

The Samsung WELT, which is made from genuine leather and is available in a variety of colours, connects to your phone using Bluetooth to share information about your daily activity rate.

Like a regular fitness tracker the Samsung WELT tells you how many steps you have taken, the amount of calories burnt and the amount of time you have been inactive.

Samsung WELT

However, unlike many fitness trackers, the WELT comes with a whopping 20 day battery life, which you can charge via the Micro USB port.

The WELT, which gives allows you to access all its data via its accompanying mobile app can also measure your waistline via a special sensor in the the buckle of the belt.

Samsung says that throughout the day your waistline expands and contracts depending on how much you have eaten and the WELT is capable of keeping track of patterns that shows overeating which could lead to your waistline increasing.

You can still by the WELT via Kickstarter until the end of the month, before shipments are expected to start in January. Prices start at $99, with a number of different sizes available from 28 to 44 inches.


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